Buying a house is an exciting time, however moving or relocating can be one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life.  As humans we can only remember so much, so trying to keep an inventory of your possessions in your mind will soon become an impossible task.

Creating an inventory list for your home can be one of the smartest things you can do when moving home, regardless of whether you are putting your valuables straight into your new home or into storage.

You may be wondering why you should take the time to create an inventory checklist, well here are 5 reasons why:

You’re only taking what you will use

Packing up everything in your house without sorting out your belongings first is a bad idea. We accumulate so much stuff, you really don’t want to be packing up items that you will never use again, so this is a great time to declutter – keep, charity or bin it! By doing this it will also help reduce the cost of transportation and packing materials.

Benefits of Having an Inventory When Moving -

Saves your time

You may think creating a list will be time-consuming, but the time taken in creating one will reap the benefits when you start putting it into action. From a quick glance, you will be able to organise the correct packing materials required for specific items and get yourself prepared. You can also start to plan which items can be packed up first or which are required to be left till last. As you pack up your belongings, adding labels and sorting into organised piles will have you thanking yourself come moving day.

Benefits of Having an Inventory When Moving -

Helps you estimate the cost

The cost of moving depends directly on the weight and distance in which your belongings need to travel. Once you have created an inventory list you can share this with your removalist company, and they will be able to provide you will a more accurate price, and this will help avoid any surprises during the moving process.

Know the value of your possessions – for insurance and peace of mind.

Your inventory list will also help narrow down the high-value items you are taking with you; you should check that these have been listed under the appropriate cover with your insurance provider. You should also notify the removal company, so they are aware of these high-value items and you may have the option to purchase additional coverage for your valuables.

Benefits of Having an Inventory When Moving -

Keep track of your belongings

On the day of the move, you can keep track of every box, appliance and furniture as it is loaded on the truck. The importance of the list really comes into play when you get to your new destination and you start unloading. With your inventory in hand, you can check every item off the truck and double check that nothing has been left behind or misplaced. Without this list, you may not notice a loss for some time whilst unpacking the boxes and settling in, and then it could be too late to submit a claim.

Hopefully, these benefits have helped to show you some clear advantages in preparing an inventory for your move, if you would like further assistance or a quote please contact RBR Moving on 0450 229 161.