Moving to a new dwelling can be a rather elaborate and tiring experience. You can very soon feel overwhelmed both with excitement of moving to a new home as well as resulting fatigue.

However, we can make your job a little easier by providing you a checklist that you can refer to and ensure that your moving to a new house is a hassle-free and uneventful experience.

A checklist is an important and necessary tool to stay organised throughout the shifting process and also make it easily manageable. We’ve created this checklist based on our experience helping customers move to their new homes. When you are ready to move, just make sure that you are following this checklist, knocking off things that have been taken care of and you should be fine.

Moving Your Home: You’ll Need This Checklist -

Getting the Utilities Transferred:

Let us start with the basics. When you get to your new home, you will need water supply, electricity, and gas up and running. So start the proceeding to get them transferred to your new address even before you’ve started to move out other things. This should be number one item on your list.

Television and Internet Connection:

This is another utility, although of lesser importance that needs to be functional before you move in to your new home.

Update your address everywhere:

Your address is a part of your identity and is mentioned on so many documents and places that you may not even realise it. Make sure that you make a note of all such instances and start the proceedings to get it updated everywhere necessary.

File important documents:

There are another set of documents that are very important; birth certificates, insurance, driving license, medical records and so on. You should pack and store them somewhere safe. It is also recommended that you take photos of them or scan them so that you have a digital copy of them as well in addition to the hard copies. Finally, if there are some documents that you don’t need because their utility has ceased to exist, just discard/shred them.

Moving Your Home: You’ll Need This Checklist -

Start preparations for packing:

Now that the essentials have been taken care of, start stacking up stuff for packing. Donate or throw away things you don’t need. Irrespective of the fact that the new house may or may not have adequate space for all your belongings, it is a good idea to discard things you don’t need. Moving or renovating a house are the best times when you can take out everything and assess if you need it or not. If not, just dispose it off.

Moving Your Home: You’ll Need This Checklist -

Schedule a cleaning:

Just before you move in, it is advisable to get a thorough cleaning of your new house done. This is important considering the previous owner may not have taken the pains to clean the house before leaving or even if they did, the cleaning may not be up to the mark. A good first impression leaves a lasting impact. So your house should be sparkling clean when you step inside for the first time.

Schedule home improvements for the new home:

This is the last item on our checklist but is no less important than the others. Home improvements and repairs are an integral part of a moving process. Minor leaks, plumbing issues, windows and doors that need some alignment done, and then a few modifications that you would like made like colouring the walls with a different shade, getting a new book shelf installed are all things that must be taken care of in advance rather than after moving in.

This is a generic list but we’ve tried to include everything that is relevant and important. Obviously, you can make additions of your own or there may be certain things that are not required in your case. Just ignore them. In any case, use this checklist as a reference and hopefully your experience of moving to your new house is smooth and problem-free.