Relocation is always a difficult decision; we have so many memories of the places we live in it can be hard to give them up. This decision can become even more complex when an elderly family member or your parents needs to relocate. There are several issues, both psychological and physical, attached to their moving from one place to another. However, by planning ahead of time, you can make the move easier and less stressful for yourself and your parents.

Plan the relocation in advance

If the decision to relocate can be made many weeks in advance, half the battle is won. It means your parents will have enough time to prepare themselves mentally. It is important that you do not rush them into packing their stuff. Give them some time and clarify any questions they may have. Help them sort their possessions into different categories like a stack for the items they wish to take with them to the new home, a stack of things they wish to sell, and may be another one they want to donate.

Start looking for a moving service

The best place to start is going through online reviews and then shortlisting some of them. Once you’ve done the shortlisting, ask for the quotes and then review what is being covered under the quote. Most people delay this to the last few days but you shouldn’t. Make sure you’ve got the quotes at least a month prior to the day of moving and then finalise the service well in advance so that company can book your service and arrange the men and material.

Relocating an Elderly Parent: Know the Essentials -

Pack important documentation separately

Among other things, the most important aspect of helping your parents relocate is ensuring that all their medical and insurance documentation has been safely packed and secured. Don’t pack them, or for that matter any documentation with the regular supplies or boxes. They should ideally be filed and kept in a portable safe, locker, handbag or briefcase. It is easy to lose them if they are packed with the regular goods. This is also true for medicines or any other medical aids that your parents use regularly. Even on the day of the relocation as well as during the transit, ensure that these are easily accessible should you need them.

Take your parent into confidence when packing personal photographs and gifts

Since we are talking about memories, the dearest possession of any parent are the family photographs and gifts from family and friends over the years. We may not attach a lot of value to them considering there is so much stuff to move anyways, but for your parents they are invaluable. Talk to them about how they would like these things handled. It will also reassure them that you care for their feelings.

Break the journey if the distance is longer

If the duration of the transit to the new location is significantly, consider breaking the journey over a couple of days so that your parents do not get too tired or stressed. Once the relocation process is complete and they’ve reached their new home, try unpacking the items that are the dearest to your parents. It will help them calm down at the new place. The movers can help you with it. You can even arrange to get your items unloaded and unpacked at a later date. Most removal companies also help with unpacking and placing your items exactly where you want them so that you can give your complete attention to helping your parents adjust to the new surroundings.

Relocating an Elderly Parent: Know the Essentials -

Hire an at-home aged care service provider

Once the process of relocation is complete, talk to them about whether hiring an at-home aged care service provider to help them in their new home is appropriate. An aged care service allows your elderly parent to claim complete control over their life while still living in their own home. Such services help your elderly parent with the day-to-day tasks like cooking, shopping, taking a bath, cleaning and so on, making them feel independent and secure.

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