Moving Advice

While we strongly recommend hiring a professional removal service to complete your relocation, there may be times when you want to do it on your own. Based on our experience of working on so many relocation projects, we’ve created a sort of checklist that you may want to refer to if you are undertaking the relocation task on your own. Consider it our moving advice.

Moving Advice -
  • Use plain butcher’s paper and bubble wrap to pack your stuff.
  • Label the boxes appropriately so that you know their content as well as the locations they must go to at the final destination.
  • Ensure that the boxes are properly secured, especially from the bottom.
  • Tables and chairs take up a lot of space. Try and pack them in as compact a manner as possible.
  • Do not pack valuables, medications, and important documents with the regular items. They should be packed distinctly and preferably retained by you at all times.
  • Put the heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and lighter ones at the top.
  • All electronic items like refrigerators, washing machines and music systems must be turned off at least a couple of hours before they are packed and ready to be transported.
  • Arrange for an electrician and plumber to disconnect any fittings from the supply.
  • All the cables, particularly the computer cables must be labelled appropriately so as to aid easy assembly in your new home.
  • Finally, do not water the plants in the pots before you plan to move them. They can create a whole lot of mess.