Packing Materials

Finding suitable packing materials for moving is a tiresome task and can create extra stress for the homeowner. RBR Moving uses innovative packing materials that are specially designed to safeguard your items before the relocation process starts.

Packing Materials -

We have 9 different specialised moving boxes to offer the ultimate protection for your precious belongings. Some goods are unique due to their value, size and fragility and cannot be transported in the usual cardboard boxes so we have a range of wine, crockery, picture and book boxes, to ensure their complete protection.

We use specialised packing materials to make sure that all your belongings stay protected during the process of transportation. For example, items of clothing are packed using our heavy-duty wardrobes boxes, which come with a metal hanging bar for storing clothes upright during the relocation process.

What you’ll get with our packing materials;

Packed with care: We use high-quality bubble wrap for fragile items to ensure optimal protection. With us, you will never have to worry about the safety of your goods.

Packing essentials: No matter what the shape or size, RBR Moving has suitable packing materials to wrap your items with care.  A full home or office move requires a variety of large and small boxes, bubble wrap packs, marking pens, packing tape and more.

Experience: Our experienced packers are trained with our systematic packing techniques to ensure each item to be moved is thoroughly packed so whether you are moving furniture, appliances or smaller items, RBR Moving has all the moving supplies you need.

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