Removals insurance

When relocating, the biggest concern for any family is the safety and security of the goods. It is a valid concern too since there are so many things that can go wrong during their transportation.

To help you relocate your goods with absolute peace of mind, RBR Moving provides insurance to cover the risk against any unexpected events.

We have the lowest rates of damage and loss in the industry and while our team takes utmost care in packing and transporting the goods, with removals insurance, you will always have a peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Our comprehensive insurance policy covers the complete process from the moment we start packing your goods to their safe keeping and unloading.

Removals Insurance -

Here are the salient features of our removals insurance policy:

  • We are transparent with our costs and do not charge excessive fees
  • No need to fill complicated forms
  • We insure both the goods packed by our staff as well as the ones packed by you
  • The cover includes free storage for a certain number of days. Ask for more details.