Moving to a new home can be a challenging order of business. There are many things that you should take note of and even more things for you to remember. Not being sufficiently prepared to pack or move can cause problems and inconveniences. Being able to move properly without any incident, however, can be quite rewarding.

If you’re about to move and you need to pack, then you should be smart and efficient. Making sure that you’re prepared should be a high priority. The best way of doing these is to have a packing or moving checklist.

What makes an excellent moving checklist?

Before you actually start constructing your checklist, you first have to know what makes a good list. Not all moving checklists are equal; the same way that not all movers are the same. Make sure that you take note of the following before you make your list:

  • It takes time into account: Your checklist shouldn’t just have what you need to do. It should also tell you when to do it.
  • It tells you how to get things done: A good list should also be an indicator of how things should be done. For example, list down the steps for getting the pertinent moving documents on your checklist.
  • It tells you who can help: A good list should tell you who to turn to for moving help. For example, include what moving company you should contact in your list.
  • It is comprehensive: A great list is a comprehensive one. Include all the information you can think of.

Dissecting the packing or moving checklist: the things that you need

The essential role of a checklist is to remind you of all the things you need to do. It is especially important when you’re moving homes. After all, you don’t want any inconveniences happening on moving day.

Prevent hassles from occurring by making a comprehensive packing and moving checklist. Here are some of the things you need to include in your list:

What’s On Your Packing or Moving Checklist? -

1. Sorting reminders

Sorting through your old possessions is one of the hardest things about moving. This step takes a lot of time and is not something you should do all at once.

Make sure that you set regular reminders on your checklist about what to sort. Do it bit by bit based on need. For example, sort through old clothes a few weeks away from the moving date. Sort through your attic the week after that. Do your old drawers next, and so on.

2. Categorise and label everything

When you sort, make sure that you group all the items based on categories. Label all the boxes and containers as you sort through your possessions. It is vital to prevent confusion later on. You’ll also find packing to be so much easier if you label everything.

3. Items to throw out or dispose of

Always have multiple disposal boxes on-hand when you sort your items. That is so that you can stuff all the items for disposal in different boxes. Label one box for sale, another for throwing out, another for donation, and so on. Who knows, there may be another person who’ll find useful the things you want to throw out.

What’s On Your Packing or Moving Checklist? -

4. Note the important items to pack

Have a separate, safe, and sturdy container for valuable items that you will bring to the new home. Keeping these in sturdy containers will make things easier on moving day.

Never, ever forget to label these boxes. Throwing out valuable items is a common mistake that many people make on moving day. Make sure you’re not one of these people.

5. Get all the pertinent records and documents

It is something that you need to do weeks in advance. Make sure that you get all the important records and documents pertaining to your old home. It will be a hassle to get these in order later on if you forget anything.

Some of the things you should take note of are the following:

  • Residential records
  • School records
  • Change-of-address documents
  • Work-related documents
  • Other important paperwork

Some documents will take multiple days to process, so do these as soon as you can.

6. Fix all the travel and living arrangements

Not all homes are ready for occupancy. If you think that you will need a few days before you can move in, find a temporary place to stay. Getting there may also pose a problem. Make sure that you do these in advance to avoid hassles when you finally move.

7. Find a moving company

Another essential thing that you have to do is to find a reputable moving company. It should also be done way before moving day. Your moving company should have an excellent record and should have years of experience in the field. Call your trusted moving company regularly to discuss the details of the move.

What’s On Your Packing or Moving Checklist? -

8. Get the utilities ready for your new home

You should also do this step in advance. Call all your future utility companies months before you move. You don’t want to move into a home with no water, electricity, and the internet, after all.

9. Clean everything up

Clean all nooks and crannies of your old home. You may find essential items where you least expect them to be.

10. Recheck, recheck, and recheck

Finally, make sure that you recheck everything. Look at all the sorted items, recheck all the labels, go through all the documents, and more. That is to make sure that you don’t forget to do anything. Triple check everything on your checklist.

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